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Edward McKinnon, having recently been discharged from the United States Army Intelligence Corps, began his claims career in 1969 as a property adjuster with GAB. Since then, Ed’s career has spanned from multiline claims adjuster, to Senior Vice President of Harbor Insurance Company and, by 1988, to President and Founder of Claims Resource Management, Inc. (“CRMI”).

Ed has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and experience with CRMI's staff, ensuring the same high standards set for himself are met by all who contribute to the success of CRMI.

Ed attended University of Maryland and Merritt College, is a member of IACP and FDCC, is an RPA and ARIAS U.S.Certified Arbitrator.

Ed can be reached at: 661-265-6401

VLA smallVice President

Vanessa Abel began her insurance career as a licensed Sales Agent with Allstate. In 1999, Vanessa began her claims career with CRMI, handling general liability claims for tattoo, piercing and permanent make-up artists and construction related claims for subcontractors and general contractors. Vanessa is responsible for Auditing, Client Relations, Management, Training, and Claims Supervision, as well as Business Development.

Vanessa is a member of the International Association of Claims Professionals (IACP), Construction Defect Claims Managers Association (CDCMA), and a fellow of CLM. AIC, AINS Designations.


Vanessa can be reached at:661-265-6412

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Assistant Vice President

David Rodgers began his career as a law clerk, assisting with research and trial preparation for cases involving contracts, insurance, tort, property, bankruptcy, tax, criminal and family law. Dave began his claims career in 1984 with CalFarm Insurance, eventually meeting Ed at Harbor Insurance and moving to CRMI in 1990. Dave handles a variety of claims involving complex litigation and coverage disputes, and is Trustee for CRMI's employee stock ownership and 401k programs. 

Dave earned a B.S. at Arizona Sate University, an M.S. at the University of Wyoming, attended McGeorge School of Law, and is a designated CPCU.


Dave can be reached at:661-265-6404

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Claims Manager

Lorraine Merritt completed paralegal studies with an emphasis on civil litigation. Lorraine began her career with CRMI in 2000, assisting with trust fund maintenance and financials, as well as claims auditing. Lorraine promoted to Claims Analyst, handling general liability, commercial auto and construction defect claims. In 2013, Lorraine began supervising and maintaining Additional Insured files, which are part of CRMI’s program business and independent claims services.

Lorraine is an active member of CDMA and CLM, including Teaching Risk Transfer and Managing the split file at the annual CLM claims college.



Lorraine can be reached at:661-265-6426